Thursday, November 15, 2012

Information technology (IT) Quiz; Questions with answers

Who is the father of Computer?
Charles Babbage
Father of Mobile phone?
Martin Cooper
Who is the father of computer science?
Alan Turing
Father of information technology?
Alan Turing
Who is known as the father of internet?
Vinton Gray "Vint" Cerf
Who invented super computer?
Scymour Cray
The man, who built the first mechanical calculator is?
What are the basic operations performed by computers?
Arithmetic, Logical & Storage operations
The first mechanical calculator was invented in the year?
The physical parts of computer are known as?
The founders of Apple computers Inc?
Stephan Woznaik, Steve Jobs
Which is the brain of any computer system?
The processing power of a CPU is measured in?
Which is the most common storage device for pC?
Hard Disk drive
Name the inventor of computer mouse?
Douglas Engelbart
The group of instructions that directs a computer is called?
The key which is used to display help in Windows OS is?
The keys used to select entire document (select all) are?
The term gigabyte refers to?
1024 megabytes
The full form of CD-Rom is?
Compact Disc- Read only memory
Who developed CD ROM?
Philips and Sony
The smallest unit of information which can be stored on a computer?
The collection of eight bits is called as?
One Kilobyte is?
1024 bytes
How many bits can be stored in the 512K RAM?
Android OS (Operating system) is based on?
What is windows explorer?
A file manager
The errors in computer data are called?
The symbols used in an assembly language are called as?
In computer virus, 'VIRUS' stands for?
Vital Information Resource under Siege
What is the full form of Wi-Fi?
Wireless Fidelity
Who created nGuru educational suite?
Thin Film Transistor
Who is the inventor of computer language LISP?
John MaCarthy
Which group owns Satyam Computers?
The social networking web site started by Mark Zuckerberg is?
Full form of ASCII is?
American standard code for information interchange
In which year ASCII was developed?
PASCAL language is created by?
Niklaus Writh
What is the full form of IBIBO?
I Build I blog
What is the full form of USB?
Universal Serial Bus
The full form of VGA is?
Video Graphics Array
The domain name ending with '.in' represents which country?
WordPress is a bloging site started by?
Matthew Charles 'Matt' Mullenweg
The founder of NEXT computer corp is?
Steve Jobs
The software, which is used for the creation of 3D animation?
3D Studio Max
The super computer, which is made in India is?
Param 2000
What is Dot-matrix?
A type of printer
Name the first microprocessor built by the Intel Corpn?
'ENIAC ' is a digital computer designed by?
Presper Ecket and John W Mauchly
What is the full form of www?
World Wide Web
The shortcut keys for viewing macros in Excel is?
In which year HTML was introduced?
IDE is a?
Disc controller
The father of Punched Card Processing is?
Dr. Herman Hollerith
The X Window System born in?
Who is the father of pentium chips?
Vinod Dham
Who is the founder of Wikileaks?
Julian Assange
Name the social network, which enables you to create social networks?
Which award is considered as the nobel prize of computing?
Tuning Award
What is the name the project of Mozilla working on Mobile Operating System, firefox OS?
Boot to Gecko project
Name the windows program used for drawing purpose?
MS Paint
Which tool is used to make boxes in MS paint?
Rectangle tool


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