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Sobriquets; Nick names of Various places in the World

'Sobriquet' is a French word means 'Nick Name', which is used in place of real name (as it is very popular) with out the need of explanation.Sobriquets are found in music, sports and politics.Some people use 'Soubriquet' instead of 'Sobriquet'. The modern French spelling is Sobriquet.Sobriquets of various Places in the World are given below.
  1. Gift of Nile- Egypt
  2. Lady of Snow- Canada
  3. Land of Rising Sun- Japan
  4. Land of Midnight Sun- Norway
  5. Land of Morning Calm- Korea
  6. Land of White Elephants- Thailand
  7. Land of Thousand Lakes- Finland
  8. Land of Thunderbolt- Bhutan
  9. Land of Eternal Summer-Quito
  10. Land of Golden Fleece- Australia
  11. Land of Kangaroo- Australia
  12. Land of Pyramids- Egypt
  13. Land of Rainbow- Hawaii (U.S)
  14. Land of  Seven Seas- Arabia
  15. Land of Maple Leaf- Canada 
  16. Land of Marbles- Italy
  17. Land of Lilies- Canada
  18. Land of Cakes- Scotland
  19. Land of Humming Bird- Trinidad
  20. Land of  Golden Pagoda- Myanmar (Burma)
  21. Land of Windmills- Netherlands
  22. Land of the Canals- Netherlands
  23. Land of Long White Cloud- New Zealand
  24. Athens of the North- Edinburgh
  25. Britain of South- New Zealand
  26. Chocolate City- Washington D.C
  27. City of Light- Paris
  28. City of Dreaming Spires- Oxford
  29. City of Golden Gate- Sanfrancisco, U.S.A
  30. City of  Brotherly Love- Philadelphia
  31. City of Magnificent Buildings- Japan
  32. Bayou City- Houston, Texas, USA
  33. Quaker City- Philadelphia
  34. City of Seven Hills- Rome
  35. Sin City- Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  36. White City- Belgrade
  37. Empire City- New York
  38. Forbidden City- Lhasa (Tibet)
  39. Garden City- Chicago
  40. Magic City- Miami, Florida
  41. Garden of England- Kent, England
  42. Granite City- Aberdeen, Scotland
  43. Steel City- Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania
  44. Saw Mill of Europe-  Swedan
  45. The Rock- Alcatraz Prison
  46. The Smoke- London
  47. The Twin Cities- Saint Paul and Minneapolis
  48. The Windy City- Chicago
  49. The Federal City- Washington DC
  50. The Eternal City- Rome
  51. The Britain of South- New Zealand
  52. Cockpit of Europe- Belgium
  53. Dragon Kingdom- Bhutan
  54. Dark Continent- Africa
  55. God's Own County- Yorkshire
  56. Grand Old Party- Republican Party (U.S)
  57. Great white way- Broadway, New York
  58. Hogtown- Toronto
  59. Holy Land- Palestine
  60. Kashmir of Europe – Switzerland
  61. Paradise on the Earth- Seychelles
  62. Pearl of the Danube- Budapest, Hungary
  63. Perfidious Albion- Great Britain
  64. Pillars of Hercules- Strait of Gibraltar 
  65. Post Box of the East –Srilanka
  66. The City by the Bay- San Francisco, California
  67. The City of Magnificent Distances- Washington D.C
  68. The City of Medicine- Durham, North Carolina
  69. The City of Sky-scrapers-  New York
  70. The Herring Pond- Atlantic Ocean
  71. The Island of Cloves- Zanzibar
  72. The Isle of Spring- Jamaica
  73. The Manchester of Japan- Osaka
  74. The white man's grave- Guinea Coast
  75. The World's loneliest Island- Tristan da Cunha
  76. The Enchanted Island- Puerto Rico
  77. The Emerald City- Seattle, Washington, USA
  78. The Emerald Island- Ireland
  79. The Gateway of Tears- Bab el Mendab
  80. The key of Mediterranean- Gibralter
  81. The key of the Pacific- Singapore
  82. The port of five seas- Moscow
  83. The queen of the Adriatic- Venice
  84. The Manchester of Japan- Osaka
  85. The Medical City of the World –Viyanna
  86. The mother-in-law of Europe- Denmark
  87. The garden of England- Kent
  88. The Great White North- Canada
  89. The Hermit Kingdom- Korea
  90. The Home of Cricket- Lord's Cricket Ground
  91. The Island of Pearls- Beharin
  92. The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street- The Bank of England
  93. The Paris of the West- San Francisco (U.S.A)
  94. The play ground of Europe- Switzerland
  95. The sea of Mountains- British Columbia
  96. The Sick man of Europe- Turkey
  97. Power key of Europe- Balkans
  98. Pearl of the Antilles- Cuba
  99. Roof of the World- Pamirs (Central Asia)
  100. Sugar bowl of the World- Cuba
  101. Sorrow of China- Huang Ho river
  102. Yellow River- Huang Ho
  103. Venice of the North- Stockholm
  104. World's Bread Basket- Prairies of North America


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